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Jasmine Simpson, 
Magazine Model, Celebrity Influences, Inc.

We are looking for new, fresh faces who want to become Instagram models. Earn $500 to $1,000 per week to start with the potential to earn as much as $12,000 per month or more. All body types, ages, and heights, both male and female, welcome. We want you to be passionate about fashion, beauty, makeup, modeling, acting, dancing, singing, etc.

Your enthusiasm and willingness to follow our advice counts more than good looks. So, stop dreaming about your future and start living it.

Our Models on Instagram
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Tonary Modal
Instagram: @tonaryofficialpage
Platform: Instagram Model
Top Influencer, Live stream, Perks
Promo Model
Earnings: $1000-$5000 /Week

Elizabeth Ruiz
Instagram: @elizabethruizxo
Platform: Instagram Model
Gets up to 2M views per video
Earnings: $2000-$7000 /Week

Matthew Noszka
Instagram: @matthew_noszka
Platform: Instagram Model
Top Influencer, Live stream, Perks
Promo Model
Earnings: $1000-$5000 /Week

Joanna Krupa
Instagram: @joannakrupa
Platform: Instagram Model
1.1 million followers
Promo Model
Makes: 6 figure income

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